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What’s up for my next project?

I’m going to continue to fight against wrongful convictions and for the #wrongfullyconvicted.

Because of the Scott Davis case, I’ve seen how ineffective the groups in particularly Georgia are. @GaInnocence doesn’t seem to care at all about or simply doesn’t have the motivated resources to fight police or prosecutorial misconduct. I ask how can there be ZERO EFFORTS to hold the disgraced former GBI firearm examiner Bernadette Davy accountable for faking what is probably HUNDREDS of evidence tests?

The Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers @gacdl is equally culpable for ineffective advocacy. You wouldn’t see this in California.

So my efforts are going to try and band together some of the many disparate innocence advocacy groups so we can be more effective. Thoughts?

Fulton County DA and rampant believer in a win despite justice approach
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