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Police Misconduct in Davis case admitted on tape 19 years later by APD detective

Atlanta police detective Marchel Walker was caught a few days ago on tape admitting to misconduct 19 years after the fact in the high profile Scott Davis case I have been writing about.

Detective Walker apparently forgot to hold the party line and deny that two tapes existed of Scott Davis’ police interview done 19 years ago. Detective Walker Readily admitted that to taste existed and that they were turned over to prosecutors.

This new admission is a blockbuster for the Scott Davis appeal. It supports his contention of misconduct on the part of detectives for their withholding of Exculpatory evidence and alteration of evidence. Scott Davis has maintained for 19 years that detectives illegally threatened him and altered his interview tape. During post trial proceedings it was discovered by audio experts that two tapes in fact existed. During those same hearings detective Chambers denied a second time any alterations of the one existing tape used at trial or any second tape. Of course the court agreed with the detective since “he was there” – yes really. (This is why federal review is so important)

On the short audio clip below you can hear detective Walker clearly admit there are two tapes. Attorneys for Mr Davis filed motions in federal court to include this new blockbuster evidence of misconduct which directly supports their contentions listed in Mr Davis’s appeal that his trial was fundamentally unfair due to this misconduct and more. See

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