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New Updates to Scott Davis Case

To all,

I want all of you folks to know that the Scott Davis case is progressing in a positive way. The old tired and repeated story from the police and prosecutors that conducted Scott’s case with such arrogance and misconduct continue to be shown to be liars incapable of admitting the truth. The latest Oxygen TV Show was remarkable in its incompetence and lack of depth. It was like a ridiculous brown-nosing to the law enforcement community. It was sickening in its lack of focus on the full truth.

Nothing was even mentioned about Megan Bruton having guilty knowledge the David Coffin was “shot in the head” before anyone else. Three people confirmed that and notes from the original prosecutor ADA Joe Burford proved he knew this because Megan told him so. How about that? Prosecutors knew Bruton was lying and still put her on the stand with her constantly changing story that mutated as a $300,000 reward was offered. Oxygen did not care. More soap opera than news show. Shame on Monica Kaufman for such a puff piece.

Who cares when police lie and withhold evidence? Det. Marchel Walker admitted police recorded two tapes of Scott’s interrogation. He did it. He described them – one microcassette and one standard cassette. Well, they denied all that at trial. The cassette used to convict Scott was proven altered and not genuine by three separate experts. Wow! They lied and withheld evidence. This on top of the 72 other pieces of critical evidence lost and destroyed by police, GBI and prosecutors. You would think someone would be held accountable for all of this? Not! Hard to do when you never investigate it. That of course was former Fulton County DA Paul Howard’s posse of liars. He of course was kicked out of office and is now himself under three separate investigations for misconduct. He needs to be in prison.

New investigations show that police and prosecutors destroyed or removed many critical files in the case that could of course shown the misconduct. One example, the homicide file on a high profile murder case that took ten years was a total of about 20 pages. Not credible.

Shocking new news is coming to show Scott is in fact actually innocent. Not only should the cheating and lying police and prosecutors be put in prison but also Scott needs to be released “sine mora” – without delay. This case is a sickening example of police abuse in the South and how courts not only tolerate bad behavior by law enforcement but implicitly encourage because they never punish police and prosecutors for lying and destroying evidence – aka Arizona v Youngblood.

It is time for these TV shows that want to do ” true crime” to start focusing on innocence cases – not always just repeating and regurgitating old prosecutor storylines without any real investigation. Boring and uncreative not to mention unfair. Do your home work for once. Help those innocent people that need their story told.


Happy 2021

I hope this year will be better than 2020. We have a lot going on on the Scott Davis investigation but all has been on hold for the Covid problems.

We expect things to get moving again early this year. Check out this video to see why Scott Davis needs to be out of prison.


New Evidence in Scott Davis case Admitted to by Police Detective

This post from the Davis website shows that this case is again a travesty of Injustice. I believe Scott Davis is actually innocent but this further evidence shows for sure he deserves a new trial, that police have withheld crucial evidence and lied about it and that the Fulton County DA Paul Howard is a liar and a hypocrite it seems.

The new evidence, a signed affidavit by former Atlanta Police Homicide detective and former co- lead in the David Coffin murder case, states unequivocally that two UNIQUE tapes of Scott’s police interview were recorded, transcribed and given to prosecutors. This the State and prosecutor had denied for 21 years despite Scott’s claims of threats and alterations of the ONE tape provided and used at trial. They still deny despite expert testimony there were two tapes ( you can hear a tape recorder being operated on the one existing tape) as well as alterations.

Now, Detective Marchel Walker, had admitted the truth finally outside of recordings filed earlier with the affidavit. Yet these sorry liars continue the charade. It’s really pathetic.

Walker Affidavit and Paul Howard Laughing Video by Erekose

Check out the evidence and support Scott and spread the word!

2017 Update of 48 Hours Mystery show on David Coffin Murder

Here is an updated show on the case that finally showed the new evidence and how Megan Lee Bruton should be a suspect. 48 Hours really didn’t do this case justice. It allowed the fox in the hen house just as Atlanta Police detective Rick Chambers did. It is disgusting how they allowed Megan to lie gave her a platform to spread her perjury.

Ricky Chambers blows Davis case in First Two Hours video

This video is right on point when it says “Detective Chambers, you did nothing right!”

Chambers blew this case on so many levels it will take many videos by Erekose to expose it. Really, Chambers should be prosecuted. It is just so unlikely a DA would do it no matter how much misconduct is exposed. Why? Because there prosecutors were in on the Injustice!

“A Reasonable Jurist…” needed. Apply here

This is a quote from the Scott Davis appeal ruling…

“While each of the state’s actions and/or omissions, including non-
compliance with SOPs and preservation statutes, do not independently constitute
evidence of bad faith, 

a reasonable jurist might conclude that the cumulative
pattern presented here indicates that Petitioner was denied a fair trial.

United States v. Lopez, 590 F.3d 1238, 1258 (11th Cir. 2009).

I respect Judge Amy Totenberg for saying these words. What I hope is that some judge will also GRANT his appeal and change the so called Youngblood standard of bad faith to allow a cumulative analysis of bad faith and misconduct.

This case is really simply outrageous. How can you let this kind of misconduct, perjury, destruction of evidence, and general due process destruction in a case that gave Scott Davis a life sentence?

Look at this case. Read the rulings and the documents. Look at the videos.

We need your help and I need your help. This case needs to be a new precedent that will finally stop the abuse of police and prosecutors with destruction of evidence that the Youngblood case has allowed for years if not decades.



Why does law enforcement in Georgia have AFIS if they don’t want to use it in a murder case?

The answer is that they didn’t want to find other suspects since the prints didn’t match their suspect…

It’s just another example of gross police misconduct in the Scott Davis wrongful conviction.

Georgia’s idea of Justice fails the smell test

“Destruction of evidence undermines two important goals of the legal system — truth and fairness,” the appeals court said @FultonCountyDA @freescottdavis

Doesn't care about truth or justice in Scott Davis case
District Attorney Paul Howard doesn’t care about truth or justice in Scott Davis case

This basic concept apparently does not matter so far at least to the Fulton County Georgia district attorney Paul Howard, the courts,  and especially law enforcement in Atlanta.

What is the matter with these people and the system that allows police and others to alter and destroy evidence at will, lie about it yet face no investigation or consequences?