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2017 Update of 48 Hours Mystery show on David Coffin Murder

Here is an updated show on the case that finally showed the new evidence and how Megan Lee Bruton should be a suspect. 48 Hours really didn’t do this case justice. It allowed the fox in the hen house just as Atlanta Police detective Rick Chambers did. It is disgusting how they allowed Megan to lie gave her a platform to spread here perjury.

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  1. Andrew s fillo Andrew s fillo

    I’ll the first!!!! Really? THIS is the case you’re supporting? My step-father and mother volunteer for the NY Innocence project. I’m sure you’ve heard of this organization. I am empathetic to the tragedy of the case and the loss which is quite obviously unimaginably painful for Scott Davis’ family. However, I’ll say again….really?….he is an unrepentant murderer. Let me ask you this question: How many ‘home invasions” have been reported in that neighborhood since this incident? I’m guessing none. Two in one night??? Damn dude. Perhaps you need an updated “picker” to choose the cases to which you will dedicate your talents. Certainly there are more worthy causes.

    • admin admin

      They were not home invasions first of all. One was an attempt to commit a burglary that was interrupted. The second was likely covering up evidence. I have more information than you have so I believe he is innocent.

  2. Sharon Taylor Sharon Taylor

    If he’s really innocent, I wonder why nobody has claimed the $600,000 reward? That’s worth ratting somebody out. And even before now, there was a $300,000 reward that went unclaimed. Scott Davis murdered the guy, is what I think. He needs to admit it so he can be paroled. They often don’t give parole unless the person repents having murdered the victim. Those who profess innocence can make their sentences longer.

    • admin admin

      Actually more than one person claimed the Coffin reward. And a person is working on the Davis reward now… You’ll just have to wait and see

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