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Georgia criminal Justice system Fails Miserably

Record setting murders, poor mental health care, record suicides, and violent conditions are all the common setting for Georgia prisons in Georgia’s criminal justice system. After numerous interviews of dozens of inmates, the common theme I have discovered is that the Georgia system provides no meaningful incentives for inmates to behave and follow the rules and guidelines of the broken system.

Georgia locks up inmates for record setting sentences and gross over sentencing throughout the criminal justice system. The system provides no meaningful incentives like good time to incent inmates to behave and not commit violence. Many interviewed inmates have revealed that they simply just don’t care about the system when there is no reason for them to follow the rules and behave. Any human who has studied human behavior would know that if you don’t provide meaningful incentives to correct behavior, the behavior won’t change. Georgia apparently has never paid attention to these basic rules of human behavior. Georgia’s recidivism rates and the cost of the criminal Justice system are meaningful indicators of why the system is broken.

The only way to change the trajectory of George’s criminal justice system in my opinion is to provide meaningful good time credits for inmates that follow the rules and behave in the system. This means giving inmates credits off their sentences for the correct behavior and for meeting certain metrics within the system that are known to reduce recidivism. This should include all inmates including ones with violent offensive. It has never made sense to me that the states who have good time credits sometimes do not allow credit for the ones who have committed violent offenses when they are the ones that need the most incentive to correct their behavior and not commit further crimes down the road.

The good time credits system could have different levels of credit for nonviolent and violent offenses. However it is key to incent all to correct their behavior and reduce recidivism.

Georgia legislators need to quit passing laws based on emotional feelings rather than proven effective outcomes that benefits society the most. Lock them up and throw away the key with non-sufficient resources and no real incentives to behave are just the combined factor in why the system doesn’t work. You have to eliminate the emotional desire to simply punish offenders forever rather than thinking about the effects that locking people up for such long sentences effects society as a whole. There are numerous and large collateral effects for locking up people for such long sentences. Families suffer and society suffers for the cost to Georgia taxpayers as well as for the collateral consequences like fatherless children that the family must face. Eliminate the emotional desire to simply punish and instead create a program that effectively invented behaviors while fairly punishing inmates. My mantra is that there is no justice without fairness and forgiveness. Georgia legislators would do well to take that to heart.



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New Updates to Scott Davis Case

To all,

I want all of you folks to know that the Scott Davis case is progressing in a positive way. The old tired and repeated story from the police and prosecutors that conducted Scott’s case with such arrogance and misconduct continue to be shown to be liars incapable of admitting the truth. The latest Oxygen TV Show was remarkable in its incompetence and lack of depth. It was like a ridiculous brown-nosing to the law enforcement community. It was sickening in its lack of focus on the full truth.

Nothing was even mentioned about Megan Bruton having guilty knowledge the David Coffin was “shot in the head” before anyone else. Three people confirmed that and notes from the original prosecutor ADA Joe Burford proved he knew this because Megan told him so. How about that? Prosecutors knew Bruton was lying and still put her on the stand with her constantly changing story that mutated as a $300,000 reward was offered. Oxygen did not care. More soap opera than news show. Shame on Monica Kaufman for such a puff piece.

Who cares when police lie and withhold evidence? Det. Marchel Walker admitted police recorded two tapes of Scott’s interrogation. He did it. He described them – one microcassette and one standard cassette. Well, they denied all that at trial. The cassette used to convict Scott was proven altered and not genuine by three separate experts. Wow! They lied and withheld evidence. This on top of the 72 other pieces of critical evidence lost and destroyed by police, GBI and prosecutors. You would think someone would be held accountable for all of this? Not! Hard to do when you never investigate it. That of course was former Fulton County DA Paul Howard’s posse of liars. He of course was kicked out of office and is now himself under three separate investigations for misconduct. He needs to be in prison.

New investigations show that police and prosecutors destroyed or removed many critical files in the case that could of course shown the misconduct. One example, the homicide file on a high profile murder case that took ten years was a total of about 20 pages. Not credible.

Shocking new news is coming to show Scott is in fact actually innocent. Not only should the cheating and lying police and prosecutors be put in prison but also Scott needs to be released “sine mora” – without delay. This case is a sickening example of police abuse in the South and how courts not only tolerate bad behavior by law enforcement but implicitly encourage because they never punish police and prosecutors for lying and destroying evidence – aka Arizona v Youngblood.

It is time for these TV shows that want to do ” true crime” to start focusing on innocence cases – not always just repeating and regurgitating old prosecutor storylines without any real investigation. Boring and uncreative not to mention unfair. Do your home work for once. Help those innocent people that need their story told.


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HOW TO CONVICT AN INNOCENT MAN web version download

I am happy to announce that finally the web version of the new book is now available for download for a limited time for free. I want to thank all those who I have collaborated with on this book and for their efforts on this case. I ask that everyone who downloads this book give me their input and feedback on the book, and if they are interested in helping the Scott Davis appeal, please get involved at or contact Scott’s attorney Paul Kish in Atlanta.

HOW TO CONVICT AN INNOCENT MAN book web version v1





The official printed version of the book will be slightly different, have a different cover and will be promoted by author Dennis Ross. It will be available on Amazon for $9.99. You can order there

Click here to

Available on Amazon
Available on Amazon



I am currently working on a companion piece on the case and am looking for feedback and any expert legal opinion on the case of Scott Davis.


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Happy 2021

I hope this year will be better than 2020. We have a lot going on on the Scott Davis investigation but all has been on hold for the Covid problems.

We expect things to get moving again early this year. Check out this video to see why Scott Davis needs to be out of prison.


New DA in Fulton County Georgia – 2021

For a long time, Fulton County has had Paul Howard as its District Attorney. We believe that it has been Paul Howard along with at least one former Atlanta Police Detective that led the misconduct in the Scott Davis case. In 2020, Fani Willis defeated Howard in a strong fashion. We wish her the best in Atlanta.

Willis has promised to look at cases that had misconduct under the Howard tenure and we hope the Scott Davis case will be one of them. We don’t know but the case has all the hallmarks of misconduct and a wrongful conviction. Howard is under investigation for many ethical and criminal issues. We only can wish that he will not be given a pass and that he will be treated as any other “subject of interest” would be treated. We’ll see in 2021.

The Conviction Integrity Unit in Fulton County will have its chance to prove if it is in fact really going to look at this case fairly from a real person’s unbiased perspective – rather than just being a unit in name only. Again, we will see.

Happy New Year!

Hopefully this year will bring Justice to ask the cases we are following. Thank you all for your support here and across the world! 😀

New Evidence in Scott Davis case Admitted to by Police Detective

This post from the Davis website shows that this case is again a travesty of Injustice. I believe Scott Davis is actually innocent but this further evidence shows for sure he deserves a new trial, that police have withheld crucial evidence and lied about it and that the Fulton County DA Paul Howard is a liar and a hypocrite it seems.

The new evidence, a signed affidavit by former Atlanta Police Homicide detective and former co- lead in the David Coffin murder case, states unequivocally that two UNIQUE tapes of Scott’s police interview were recorded, transcribed and given to prosecutors. This the State and prosecutor had denied for 21 years despite Scott’s claims of threats and alterations of the ONE tape provided and used at trial. They still deny despite expert testimony there were two tapes ( you can hear a tape recorder being operated on the one existing tape) as well as alterations.

Now, Detective Marchel Walker, had admitted the truth finally outside of recordings filed earlier with the affidavit. Yet these sorry liars continue the charade. It’s really pathetic.

Walker Affidavit and Paul Howard Laughing Video by Erekose

Check out the evidence and support Scott and spread the word!

Is There Any Justice in Georgia?

Atlanta Homicide Detective Signs Affidavit Confirming Brady Evidence Fulton County Prosecutors Have Withheld and Lied About for 21 Years

Homicide Detective Signs Affidavit Admitting to Withheld Brady Evidence

What is wrong with #Georgia and so called “Southern Justice”? Does real Justice exist in that state?

It’s not looking good from here. These guys lie and withhold and destroy and hide evidence over and over and over, and then get caught repeatedly but yet the court system keeps allowing it to happen! How is this still happening in the twenty first century?

Atlanta police and Fulton County Prosecutors are apparently the most corrupt and incompetent bunch of so-called professionals that it makes me sick 2400 miles away. Where is the @GaInnocence Project ? Do they do anything? WTF?

Where is the media outrage? Here in California this would be front page news.

Help Scott and punish these prosecutors and Atlanta Police. Georgia courts have some integrity for God’s sake!