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Police Misconduct in Davis case admitted on tape 19 years later by APD detective

Atlanta police detective Marchel Walker was caught a few days ago on tape admitting to misconduct 19 years after the fact in the high profile Scott Davis case I have been writing about.

Detective Walker apparently forgot to hold the party line and deny that two tapes existed of Scott Davis’ police interview done 19 years ago. Detective Walker Readily admitted that to taste existed and that they were turned over to prosecutors.

This new admission is a blockbuster for the Scott Davis appeal. It supports his contention of misconduct on the part of detectives for their withholding of Exculpatory evidence and alteration of evidence. Scott Davis has maintained for 19 years that detectives illegally threatened him and altered his interview tape. During post trial proceedings it was discovered by audio experts that two tapes in fact existed. During those same hearings detective Chambers denied a second time any alterations of the one existing tape used at trial or any second tape. Of course the court agreed with the detective since “he was there” – yes really. (This is why federal review is so important)

On the short audio clip below you can hear detective Walker clearly admit there are two tapes. Attorneys for Mr Davis filed motions in federal court to include this new blockbuster evidence of misconduct which directly supports their contentions listed in Mr Davis’s appeal that his trial was fundamentally unfair due to this misconduct and more. See

Even US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor acknowledges Justice System is Broken

“What a wonderful system we’ve created” said United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. “Even when a state court is wrong in convicting somebody, so long as they are reasonably wrong, we uphold them.”

That really says a lot about how broken our laws and justice system are. What I say to justice Sotomayor and our lawmakers is to change how you review these cases. If the state courts are wrong, do not uphold them. Lawmakers, fix the laws that allow wrongful convictions in state courts. Fix the AEDPA and allow federal courts more discretion to overturn wrongful state decisions. #wrongfullyconvicted #aedpa #ussupremecourt #standup4innocence  #fixtheaedpa


What’s up for my next project?

I’m going to continue to fight against wrongful convictions and for the #wrongfullyconvicted.

Because of the Scott Davis case, I’ve seen how ineffective the groups in particularly Georgia are. @GaInnocence doesn’t seem to care at all about or simply doesn’t have the motivated resources to fight police or prosecutorial misconduct. I ask how can there be ZERO EFFORTS to hold the disgraced former GBI firearm examiner Bernadette Davy accountable for faking what is probably HUNDREDS of evidence tests?

The Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers @gacdl is equally culpable for ineffective advocacy. You wouldn’t see this in California.

So my efforts are going to try and band together some of the many disparate innocence advocacy groups so we can be more effective. Thoughts?

Fulton County DA and rampant believer in a win despite justice approach

Book Published Today

Well today the book was finally published. Thanks to Dennis Ross for How to Convict an Innocent Man. I will also be posting numerous pictures, and news articles about the book.

The media and PR efforts will be somewhat complicated. However because of the unique way the book was written and published, I look forward to seeing the results. I hope you enjoy the book and I look to all my blog readers and fans to give me comments and if you want to get involved in helping Scott Davis in fighting his wrongful conviction, please contact me or his attorney Paul Kish in Atlanta.

Innocent Man Scott Davis
Innocent Man Scott Davis





New book background

Here is a draft of what we have been working on.

Award winning author
Award winning journalist

Here is a news story about the case in the book.

I saw this case originally on 48 Hours Mystery and was enthralled. Scott Davis was one of the people who ran for California Governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003.


My impression was and is that he is innocent. Why run for Governor if you murdered someone? You don’t at least if your smart and by all accounts Scott is very intelligent.

So, I researched this with some help.

Scott Davis Wrongful conviction in 1996 murder of David Coffin.

There is a website too at:

Welcome to my latest project….

Looking into false convictions in a number of cases in Georgia and the Carolinas…..

More later….


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